Making Connections

If we are to understand ourselves, to understand what it means to be human, then connections to the natural world, connections to other animals, connections to our earliest selves, connections to our evolution across time and space to our world today all provide critical clues to that understanding. In order to move beyond a purely surface cognizance of the material world to an understanding of its deeper intrinsic nature, we have to mine these connections and plumb for essences. That’s the aim of the Making Connections posts.

The Making Connections blog looks at elements of our world to help us understand how we got where we are and to help us imagine what we might perceive and do differently. Some of the longer posts are more historical, starting with my encounter with the particular aspect of our world and then goes deeper into that element to understand the broader connections. The shorter posts are more straightforwardly about the philosophical connection of our personal experiences to the world we are a part of.