Encounter with Eternity

I was looking at the deep past and the effect was trance-like. Without forethought I found myself talking softly but directly to him. I didn’t expect a response. I just kept talking, almost whispering really. What was I saying; I don’t even remember. It was a stream-of-consciousness flow that was coming from some alpha-state on my part. The … Continue reading Encounter with Eternity

Introduction to the Principles

The nine perennial first principles I propose here are the foundational ones that come from my studies in philosophy, religion, expressed wisdom from cultures including but also going beyond our modern Western ones, and world history. They are perennial because they are enduring, coming up over and over again throughout history and across cultures. They are … Continue reading Introduction to the Principles


The concepts I want to explore regarding a set of "principles of being" may not always seem to be self-evident but they are timeless and universal. They appear repeatedly across cultures and epochs, across disparate religious traditions and philosophical schools of thought, across social science disciplines and diverse historical analyses throughout the ages. It is … Continue reading Welcome